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Why us to be your China Buying Office?

HiPromos.com - Your Own China Office / Agent

Hi Promos Limited is the gateway between you and your Chinese business partners, who is standing on the same side of your esteemed company. Services are especially aimed at any enterprises determined to cut costs down by importing goods from China.

If you are ready to outsource production to China or wanna extend your product line, HiPromos.com  will help you much in China and takes care of your procurement, logistics and supply chain management. Meanwhile, No worries about your own buying office, office rental, recruitment of staff and tax regulations. Consider no operating costs at all.

Problem Solver and Company Principles

Company Principles: At 
Hi Promos Ltd buying office we emphasize on a trustworthy business cooperation. We are confident to achieve substantial savings since we can control everything in China. Be your own China Buying Office, minimize business trade risks and maximum our business profits.

Excellent communications with Suppliers: In China, we keep our positive and initiative communications with your Chinese suppliers with our experienced team.  Additional, our staff will negotiate with your side fluently in English and translate your technical specifications into Chinese to make sure your China partners. Likewise, we contact the engineers directly to discuss any additional questions you might raise.

Effective Risks Management: In case there are any problems with your suppliers, our Chinese team is there to solve them, we can be any China factories within 36hours. Keep creative communications without any culture differences and deliver correct informations to the supervisor who is in charge of the business. Eventually persuade he/she to concentrate on our main business. Protected by our local law, make sure our participation will be effective and get everything solved easily.

Cost Reduction Strategies

Major Savings Potential: Effective cost reduction is a key factor with any business enterprises, including yours. Alongside finding qualified suppliers, price negotiations are very important, maximum your profits. Our experienced expertise will thrive to get best offers from our reliable suppliers, which compared to yours, eagerly suggest you to do this. Our experienced Chinese team has been working in supplier management for years. Keep your sourcing and procurement projects effective and lowest cost in China.

Extensive Product Range: Due to our presence in the "China Printing Center" - Longgang Town,Zhejiang Province, we are able to cover a wide range of different promotional products & imprinted items. Our main office located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, and discuss with factories once any new items come. If need, travel to visit them and work our ideas to physical samples face to face without misunderstanding

Quality Control (QC) and Factory Audit

Quality Control
A. Initial Production Check
B. During Production Check
C. Pre Shipment Inspection
D. Container Loading Check

• Factory Audit
A. Simple Factory Audit
B. Advanced Factory Audit

Eventually, signing a non-disclosure agreement  with Chinese suppliers is always a good option, which is written in Chinese to ensure their law enforcement power. Should any issues, will protect your intellectual property.

Try to chat with our expertise who is at your service anytime. We can be reached at
info@hipromos.com .

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