About Us


We dedicate to offer top-class products and service which facilitates our valued customers to expand their business besides their local suppliers and boost sales volume, against our competitive prices and solid quality. We are striving to build a exclusive long-term relationship with each customer, test your new partner in China to see what we can do for you.



Hi Promos was founded in 2010 producing bespoke promotional items and branded merchandise in Ningbo City, China, thrive to be your top partner with effective sourcing, free inspection of running orders and unexpensive shipping proposals. We urge each professional staff in the continuous improvement of our business with reliable and full responsibility, expecting amazing brand awareness in return.

We are a young amiable team with passions, you must be delighted to work with our creative staff.



Promotional marketing giveaways are really cost-effective way to advertise business, organizations or events, which are customizable with long-lasting text and image. We dedicate to be more skilled and keep eyes to learn more about promotional products industry, which help our partners expand business with outstanding items and low-cost common items. Including promotional bags, caps, electronic items, health care items, outdoor & travel products, household giveaways, souvenirs, and so on.

We aimed to be your exclusive partner and office in China to do what we should do as a represent and take full responsibility with quality service.

Office: full-time specialists connect with manufacturers. Your Office Here!

Payment: negotiable as monthly or deposit. Keep Money Safe!

Quality Control: a 3rd party inspector is paid to do inspection. Quality First!

Sourcing: factory direct price guaranteed. Cost Saving!

Transport: bring on-time with different shipment methods, by sea, air, railway or via couriers(DHL, Fedex).



You are very important to us. So we are urging our team to be more effective and fast reactions. As your successful and long-term partnerships, we will do the best to put our experience and knowledge without compromise with every single case, no matter it involves a US $100 order or a US $ 1.000.000 order.

We commit:

Reliable & Steady: we see, hear, touch and feel closely.

Skilled: offers will be ready in 24hrs or keep you right solutions.

Let’s Talk Now. Your first choice of custom personalized giveaways and promotional items in China – Hi Promos. Email us today to request assistance.